Garlic Allium sativum

100% 1764/226 days

Planted 2017-10-11

First harvest expected 2018-05-27

Finish expected 2018-05-25

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Oct 2017


1764/226 days




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CHESNOK RED (Standard Purple Stripe - Hardneck) Our best Purple Stripe in performance year after year. A great cooking garlic, it retains avor and texture. Very large bulbs that average 9 to 10 easy to peel cloves. From Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia. One of our best baking garlics.

MUSIC (Porcelain - Hardneck) An outstanding plant producing very large bulbs. A starchy-sweet garlic when baked. Hot when consumed raw.

METECHI (Marbled Purple Stripe - Hardneck) Plants upright and broader leaved than others. Large capsule and bulbils. Cloves few, but large and fat, with blushed and lined skins. Tastes fiery raw, but with a nice finish.

ASIAN TEMPEST (Asiatic - Hardneck) From South Korea via Horace Shaw in Oregon. Beak on bulbil can reach 18 inches in length. This strain produces an outstanding crop. Sweet baked with good garlic flavor. Breathtaking raw.

INCHELIUM RED (Artichoke - Softneck) Large bulbed vigorous strain; our best selling Artichoke. A top rated softneck at a 1990 taste test at Rodale kitchens. Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation by Larry Geno; original source unknown. Four to five clove layers with 8 to 20 cloves. It seems to have higher soluble solids (denser, heavier bulbs) than other Artichokes. Mild, flavorful.

SILVER WHITE (Silverskin - Softneck) Originally a California strain from Harmony Farm Supply. This large bulbed garlic has proven productive in both cold winter/hot summer and humid maritime climates. Our most productive Silverskin since 1992.

PERSIAN STAR (Purple Stripe - Hardneck) Vivid clove wrapper col- ors. Outer bulb wrapper sometimes smooth white, but inner wrappers purple streaked. Red-tipped cloves with marbled streaks on whitish or yellow-brown back ground. Very pleasant flavor, mildly spicy but not too sharp. Purchased in Samarkand, at a Uzbekistan bazaar in the late 1980’s by John Swenson.

MONTANA ZEMO (Porcelain - Softneck) Original source likely Zemo. This beautiful, large leafed porcelain strain is more vigorus than "Zemo", producing large, dense bulbs. Grown by Foothill Farm at the base of the Mission Mountains in NW Montana.

CHINA STRIPE (Turban - Hardneck) Delicate purple stripes adorn this attractive bulb. Mild flavor. Purchased in Beijing market by G. Czarnecki.

RUSSIAN RED (Marbled Purple Stripe - Hardneck) Has a flavor similar to Rocamboles in its complexity. Purple bulb wrappers. Clove wrappers are brown and purple.

RED TOCH (Artichoke - Softneck) Collected in Rep. of Georgia by Hanelt about 1988, near the town of Tochliavri. Bulb wrappers streaked with red, pink and yellow . A very popular strain for good reason.

NOOTKA ROSE (Silverskin - Softneck) A well colored strain; a Northwest heirloom from the San Juan Islands off the Washington coast. From Steve Bensel of Nootka Rose Farm in Waldron, WA. Cloves streaked pink on mahogany background with solid red clove tips. Colors fade in rich soil. Medium to large bulbs and very attractive braided. Strong flavor.


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garlic Allium sativum

Median Lifespan 226 days

First harvest expected 228 days after planting

Last harvest expected 228 days after planting