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During the day, I work as a software engineer, on a mission to combat climate change and revolutionize the German energy sector with eco-friendly technologies such as heat pumps.
 During my free time, I love diving into the fascinating world of regenerative agriculture and exploring its incredibly positive environmental impact. It's a deep-seated passion, and I hope to own a small farm someday 🌾

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Member since March 11, 2024

Last Login 2024-05-23 21:27:03 UTC

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Still growing and not ready for harvesting.

cherry tomato cherry tomato
Aug 2024


These plantings are at the end of their lifecycle.

jalapeno pepper

jalapeno pepper jalapeno pepper planting


planted lime
4 days ago
planted jalapeno pepper
2 months ago
planted lemon
2 months ago
planted orange
2 months ago
planted cherry tomato
2 months ago
planted jalapeno pepper
3 months ago
planted coriander
3 months ago
planted avocado
3 months ago