Midgen Berry Austromyrtus dulcis

How to sow midgen berry: Direct seed fresh cleaned seed indoors, cuttings

Sun requirement for midgen berry: Plant in Full Sun

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The Midgen, Midyim, or Sand Berry, is a spreading shrub native to Australia's coast. It is closely related to the Lillipilli and a popular traditional bushfood. In full sun, the plant has a more upright growth pattern. In more shaded areas, it has a lower, spreading habit. Midgen has lanceolate to elliptical leaves that are glossy green on top and have silky hairs on the underside. White, star-shaped flowers produce small white berries dotted with blue and black spots that look mauve or gray from a distance. The berries are sweet and aromatic, with a mild ginger taste. They can be eaten fresh, made into preserves, or baked into desserts.

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Austromyrtus dulcis

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