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Granny Smith apples are tip-bearing apple cultivars that were developed in Australia in 1868 by Maria Anna Smith. They are thought to be a hybrid of Malus sylvestris, the European Wild Apple, with the domestic apple M. domestica. The fruit has hard, light green skin and crisp, tart juicy flesh.They can be eaten fresh and are a very popular apple for baking. They have a longer storage life than other apples due to their low ethylene content. Blossoms are white. Trees require 400 hours below 7°C each winter. Granny Smith apples are self-pollinating but benefit from having a tree of another variety with the same bloom period within 50 feet (Rome, Akane, Cripps Pink, Golden Delicious). Apples are propagated through grafting because they are genetic hybrids that produce new genetic combinations in their seedlings. Semi-dwarf and dwarf rootstocks are available. Depending on the size chosen, the tree will bear fruit within 2-5 years of planting.

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