Apple Mint Mentha suaveolens

How to sow apple mint: Direct seed or rhizomes

Sun requirement for apple mint: Plant in Full Sun

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Apple Mint is an herbaceous, perennial member of the Mint family that is often grown as a culinary herb, ornamental, or ground cover. The plant has light green wrinkled leaves, white or pinkish flowers, and a fruity, minty flavor. It's leaves can be used as a garnish, in salads, and to make tea or apple mint jelly. It has a worldwide history of medicinal use. Like other members of the Mint family, it spreads by underground roots called rhizomes and can become invasive in a garden. Plant in a container or deadhead before flowers go to seed to prevent this.

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Hi! I'm Wendy and I live in Livermore, California, USA. I live in the suburbs and have been learning about permaculture for two years now. Right now my project is slowly converting my lawn into a food forest, one module at a time. I began with a 10x20 starter garden on the north side of my hou...

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How to grow apple mint

apple mint is a variety of mint

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Mentha suaveolens

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