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aloe vera Aloe vera

Aloe Vera has been planted 8 times by Growstuff members.


aloe vera is a perennial crop (living more than two years)


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What people are saying about aloe vera

New photos

I've just uploaded some more recent photos of my plants. The parsley is still going strong, having seeded itself in a second spot along the box. One patch has died back a bit - I clearly need to pick it and use it more often. The chives have also died back a bit, again probably because I wasn't harvesting enough. The aloe vera has tripled in size - if anyone in the area wants some, there's plenty. Along with a ton of geraniums, which apparently love my dry soil whenever I forget to water.

Aloe vera

aloe vera is rapidly becoming my favourite unkillable plant, taking over from spider-plants because not only does it seed everywhere, survive me forgetting to water it for weeks, survive me over-watering in guilt when I remember, and not appear to care whether it has sun, shade, accidentally left on top of a radiator or shoved in a utility room with no heating, but unlike the spider plant, it also does something useful other than providing greenery in your house. Top spas keep advertising aloe vera beauty products, but I have the pure stuff whenever I want, just by breaking off half a leaf. It's very soothing on burns, which was useful after I dropped half a saucepan of boiling water on my foot the other week.

How to grow aloe vera

Grown for: leaf (3)

Plant from: seedling (3), advanced plant (2), (1)

Plant in: sun (4), semi-shade (2), (1), shade (1)

Scientific names

  • Aloe vera

Alternate names

None known.

Aloe vera varieties

None known.

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