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Growstuff is a community of food gardeners. We're building an open source platform to help you learn about growing food, track what you plant and harvest, and swap seeds and produce with other gardeners near you.

So far, 1650 members have planted 601 crops 3148 times in 2384 gardens.

Some of our crops

lemon balm
Melissa officinalis
Planted 14 times
Daucus carota
Planted 84 times
Petroselinum hortense
Planted 51 times

Seeds available to trade

Owner Crop Will trade to From location
competentgirl hemp locally Eugene, Oregon Details
oakandsage yardlong bean locally Santa Clarita, CA Details
oakandsage celery locally Santa Clarita, CA Details
oakandsage carrot locally Santa Clarita, CA Details
echovictorecho Roma tomato locally Chicago Details
echovictorecho garlic chives locally Chicago Details

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Subject Most recent activity
replica Omega horloges, 16 Jan
Swarovski sieraden Sets 16 Jan
Koop Goedkoop Herve Leger Bandage... 16 Jan
Horloges. 16 Jan
Christian louboutin 16 Jan
Vrouwen Timberland 6 Inch :... 16 Jan

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