pumpkin Pumpkin seeds

non-certified organic
non-certified GMO-free


not specified seeds

Plant before


Days until maturity

120–140 days

Will trade

nationally (from Portland, Oregon)


Queensland blue "Ukraine organic seeds" Name: Pumpkin Seeds Queensland Weight : 3 g Number of seeds: about 5 seeds Seeds maturation: late Plant weight: up to 3-5 kg Vegetable Form : round flat Harvest: 120-140 days Color: blue-gray Suitable for growing outside Pumpkin are used for cooking Seeds Longivity: about 2 years Delicious variety. Stored 5-6 months

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Image of pumpkin

pumpkin Cucurbita spp.

Median Lifespan 149 days

First harvest expected 148 days after planting

Last harvest expected 152 days after planting