Black Currant seeds

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non-certified GMO-free


50 seeds

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Days until maturity

unknown days

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nowhere (from Portland, Oregon)


In spring, the seeds are sown in a box with damp earth, which is covered with a film and placed in a warm place. After emergence of shoots, the film must be removed, and the box should be placed closer to the light source (on the windowsill, for example).

When the seedlings have reached 15 centimeters, they are dived into individual pots. With the onset of stable warming, young plants are planted in an open ground to a permanent place. Planting holes are prepared ahead of time and placed at a distance of one meter from each other. After planting, the seedlings will require regular and abundant watering until they finally take root.

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Image of black currant

black currant Ribes spp.

First harvest expected 5319 days after planting