pattypan squash Pattypan Squash seeds

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Days until maturity

60–70 days

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nowhere (from Perth, Western Australia)


Squash, Button - Vert Et Blanc (Cucurbita pepo) Green & white French heirloom. Develops dark green stripes as it matures, however it is best eaten young when it is still light green. 60-70 days. Originating from central America. Plant in full sun, keep soil moist, water roots not leaves to prevent mildew. Likes rich well drained soil, though not heavily fertilized, add lime to obtain pH of 6.5. Keep moist. Can sow indoors 5 weeks before planting, take care not to damage roots. For seed saving it is best to grow only one variety within 2km. Sow after frost.

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Image of pattypan squash

pattypan squash Cucurbita pepo var. clypeata

Median Lifespan 225 days

First harvest expected 58 days after planting