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Days until maturity

72–85 days

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nowhere (from Perth, Western Australia)


Eggplant, Black Beauty (Solanum melongena) Old standard, purplish-black smooth oval fruit to 160mm, fine flavour, bushy spreading plant to 80cm., does well in southern areas. From India, developed in Spain in 16th century. Growing conditions as for tomato, though Eggplant needs a longer growing season, treat as perennial in warmer climates, annual in cooler areas. Can sow indoors up to 8 weeks before transplanting, harden for one week by taking off heat and put in full sun. Picking regularly encourages production. Sow early spring.

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Image of eggplant

eggplant Solanum melongena

Median Lifespan 119 days

First harvest expected 84 days after planting

Last harvest expected 118 days after planting