Posted by shiny on July 12, 2019 at 05:31 and edited at July 12, 2019 at 05:32


I've broken my ankle. Spectacular. I'm on holiday, house sitting, in a town without much public transport.

one result of this is, I've tackled some of the bigger growstuff feature requests.

One big feature, that would be useful to me, is getting trades working better. I asked for ideas over on twitter, and here's the thread

Among the ideas: (almost entirely from @katjnz)

  1. The ability to comply with quarantine regulations (For example, peas can't go to Wairarapa)

  2. Provenance - where the seed was grown/generation grown in that location (esp important for natives)

  3. Not just straight trade. Users can give to anyone who wants to grow. Postage reimbursement is nice

  4. Include garlic, maybe flower bulbs? Trade root cuttings by post (horseradish, comfrey)

  5. Information on how to save seeds/isolation/why you can't save F1/F2 varieties/storage to help quality

  6. Participation by the various isolated seed banks.

  7. Heirloom marker/badge to encourage heirloom exchange

  8. Search and notifications by variety (e.g. look for a specific variety, and if not available, be notified if it's listed later)

  9. Notifications by user (let me know when my favourite growers have stuff)

I started work on the basics of the trade UI.