Posted by shiny on January 26, 2019 at 01:14


There are five new buttons on the top of every page in Growstuff this week. They're the five most useful actions for someone tracking their garden.

"My Gardens" is where you can see what's going on in your garden, and for perennial crops, you'll see how many days to harvest, and a progress bar to the predicted time the planting will finish (i.e. plant death). You can choose a planting and record activity such as harvests, or finish, saving seeds, or a photo.

"Plant something" is to record a new planting in your garden. If there's enough data from other growers (or your garden), we can do some predictions. If there's not enough data yet, go ahead and grow and log your results. Then we'll be able to start predicting next time.

"Harvest something" is to record the fruit, herbs, vegetables and other edibles you harvest along the way. The more you log, the more accurate our predictions get.

"Save Seeds" is to record when you keep seeds from a plant. From this information, you can see which plant each of your seeds came from, and over time compare the photos of the plantings. This is to help you work out if your 2nd or 3rd generation plantings are still true to the original, or if you're successfully selecting for the trait you want. You can also use it to record the inventory you purchased.

"Write blog post" is for free form notes about your gardening adventures.