Posted by shiny on 2014-10-12 20:00:33 UTC and edited at 2020-03-06 09:04:17 UTC


There are so very many edible weeds in our garden.

Pūhā galore of course - which can we draped over roasting meat (too much work) or steamed to remove the bitterness and then pretend it's spinach for eggs bene. It's been "what's for dinner" in our suburb since well before european got here.

Mint and peppermint is everywhere, which makes tea.

There's Dead Red, that is too bitter to use much - a few leaves in a salad. (The "dead" refers it being a nettle without a sting - but for some reason dinner guests don't like eating weeds with "dead" in the name, so i call them "red nettles")

and there's a giant spread of Violets in a corner of the house that faces south and never gets sun. This has sugary leaves that cancel out the bitterness of dead red nettles.