Posted by maco on 2013-06-06 14:54:11 UTC and edited at 2019-05-27 05:06:11 UTC


I'll be moving into my house in a week. I've been holding off on transplanting my seedlings, but today I thought I'd move the squash and just put it in the ground rather than wait til we can get raised beds built (decided to go with table-style raised beds, made from cast off pallets, with a plastic lining). Nope! The clay content is way too high. With the difficulty I had with a trowel, there's no way the roots would make it through. So, the container is sitting on the back deck, waiting.

Meanwhile, I pruned the definitely-cherry trees in the front yard (a few weeks ago I saw the flowers and was pretty darned sure they're cherry…today I saw the cherries) that are growing over the driveway and road at annoying-to-get-out-of-the-car height. I think there are two different varieties. One is about 10-15ft tall with 1cm cherry, deep red, and tart. The other is more sparse looking, I think weeping, with 1in cherries higher up, so I don't know how they taste. @Skud suggested I post photos, so I'll do that after my next camera-toting visit to the house.

Oh, and discovery as of last week: we definitely have rabbits. And I don't mean that I have acquired (soft, fluffy, lovely) angoras.

ETA: Thanks to the British Natural Museum's cherry identifier I've determined that they are both wild cherry trees. The fruit can range 10-20mm and black or yellow-red. So, there ya go. One is 10mm black and the other is 20mm yellow-red. The yellow-reds are past their prime. They've all split.