Posted by fe2h2o on December 01, 2013 at 14:36


Well, placing the markers out suggested the plan I had made for the Orchard should work (and leave room for the chook tractor to move through!) We've gone ahead and planted those—and an extra fig (because it crossed our paths, and seriously, who could resist a fruit tree called 'Italian Honey'!), and a Granny Smith apple (because it seemed a shame to waste the Pink Lady's flowers... Although it seems to have set fruit rather more rapidly than I'd anticipated, so maybe there's another suitable apple nearby!) So with those and the Pomegranate, our orchard has started:-) We also realised that we couldn't wait any longer before planting a lime, so we did a bit of a search to find a West Indian Lime (aka Key Lime), and decided we really should put in a Naval Orange now, as well. So the Citrus Grove is looking more like a Grove than just a couple of plants:-) Now we just have to keep it all alive over summer! (And oh my! How nice it is that I can take photos with my phone as I'm out in the garden, upload them to Flickr, and add the planting a and images to the site right then and there! Thanks so much to everyone who made all that work:-) )