Posted by fe2h2o in Growing Stuff on 2013-06-07 05:18:31 UTC



I have moved to a new house, with a new garden (really new! As in, the previous owner cleared the bush yard, put in a retaining wall and established grass, immediately before selling it!). We plan to replace the lovely front lawn with more lovely fruit trees and a decent vegie patch. We have a general idea in mind of what we want to do with it, but we'd like to lay it out first, and optimise our space. (At my last place, I got carried away with enthusiasm and planted out a mulberry which had been in a pot… and while I thought about how much space it would need, so I planted it in the middle of the yard—I didn't think about what else I might want to put around it, which rather hampered all my future decisions:-( )

So, I'm after your suggestions as to your favourite garden design/layout tools. Currently I have a nearmap photo (minus scale, but some measuring should fix that), and ideas… how could I turn that into a garden plan?

Thanks Fe