Pear Tomato Solanum lycopersicum

100% 3386/126 days

Planted 2015-03-08

Finish expected 2015-07-12

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Harvest months: We need more data on this crop in your latitude. There's not enough info yet to predict harvests. in Mountain View, CA

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Mar 2015


3386/126 days


1 seedling


Planting is still growing today

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Yellow pear tomato planted in earthbox in south-facing balcony. There was already one very tiny tomato and several flowers on the plant when purchased.

"An enormous number of yellow, bite sized, baby pear shaped fruits from this extremely old variety. Very vigorous plant and the flavor is deliciously tangy. Makes a perfect addition to your summer party trays. 85 days."

2015-05-17: Ate first tomato.


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Image of pear tomato

pear tomato Solanum lycopersicum

Median Lifespan 126 days

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