Spinach Spinacia oleracea

100% 2312/112 days

Planted 2015-09-27

First harvest expected 2015-12-06

Finish expected 2016-01-17

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Harvest months: We need more data on this crop in your latitude. There's not enough info yet to predict harvests.

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Sep 2015


2312/112 days


30 seeds


Planting is still growing today

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Old (exp. 2013) but hopefully still viable. One seed germinated inside so there is hope.

17 October: a few germinated. Hoping for more - hard to tell them apart from grass at this stage. (Later discovered baby leaves are thicker and more succulent than grass). Hoping patch is not too dry for them.

22 October: at least 5 spinach seedlings visible!

25 October: The first 5 seedlings have their first adult leaves now. A couple more of the seedlings emerging.

6 November: 11 plants! I hope they will not bolt. Should be able to take some salad leaves from the biggest 4 or 5 soon. Moved 5 small ones over to give the others some space; 4 are doing okay, think the last one may have been dug up by a bird. Very happy to have so many seedlings as only one out of many germinated in the seed tray "garden."


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spinach Spinacia oleracea

Median Lifespan 112 days

First harvest expected 70 days after planting

Last harvest expected 78 days after planting

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