Grape Vitis spp.

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May 2015


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The other renter's friend has a vineyard and sent us a bunch of grape cuttings. I planted 6 cuttings this weekend and we have several more to plant; I've got two more locations I can put vines, and I'll save some in pots for the inevitable rooting failures. Most are on the orchard drip system, but some are on another drip system that isn't quite finished yet so I've been hand watering.

'Triumph', 'Joy', 'Orange Muscat', 'Beaumont', and 'Diamond.'

4 survived. 'Orange Muscat' is doing extremely well - that is the variety most suited to our climate. 'Triumph' is also doing well. 'Joy' is hanging on but it suffered some root damage earlier this year and I had to cut it way back to save its life. The ones I planted in the orchard never rooted.

UPDATE 3/21/2016: 'Orange Muscat' is fully leafed out and looks very healthy. 'Triumph' and 'Joy' are in the process of leafing out. One grape in the orchard apparently survived and is currently starting to leaf out, but I don't know which variety it was.


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grape Vitis spp.

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