Sweet Potato Ipomoea batatas

100% 3068/167 days

Planted 2013-05-26

Finish expected 2013-11-09

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Harvest months: We need more data on this crop in your latitude. There's not enough info yet to predict harvests. in Santa Clarita, CA

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May 2013


3068/167 days




Planting is still growing today

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Did not plant in 2015.

EDIT 2014: I got looooooooots of beautiful sweet potatoes. They are very tasty. After harvest, I dumped some unfinished compost into the bottom of container (because my compost bin was full) then added a foot of finished compost and soil, planted shallots. The shallots and some nasturtiums are growing very nicely, and when I harvest the shallots I'll plant this year's crop of sweet potatoes.

Two containers of sweet potatoes. Well, one container of sweet potatoes and then I planted some in my (finished) compost box.

I started the sweet potatoes by the simple expedient of cutting up the seed stock and burying it in the indoor worm bin. When it was warm out and the pots were sprouting, I planted them out in finished compost outdoors. Later I topped the container up with more compost. I should probably have put in some regular soil but I'm a cheapskate.


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