Nectarine Prunus persica

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Apr 2015


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Replaced the UD Snow Queen nectarine that died during the hot spell with a new UD Snow Queen nectarine; this one is a bit older and bushier, and I've allowed the sage next to the spot to grow up to provide some shade so the young tree sunburns less. Shouldn't be as necessary once it's older. Also mulched really heavily and now have the whole orchard on drip as opposed to the weekly deep watering I was using before.

UPDATE 3/21/2016: Doubled in size in its first year. Now fully leafed out in its second year and and has a good number of immature nectarines on it. They are being eaten by things, but it's quite likely some will survive and I may get some nectarines this year!


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nectarine Prunus persica

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