Potato Solanum tuberosum

100% 2267/110 days

Planted 2015-03-03

First harvest expected 2015-06-08

Finish expected 2015-06-21

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Harvest months: We need more data on this crop in your latitude. There's not enough info yet to predict harvests. in St. Louis, MO

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Mar 2015


2267/110 days


30 root/tubers


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Planted two (new) jumbo garbage cans with the pre-sprouted (organic) white potatoes and red potatoes, left over from winter. I cut potatoes with several sprouts into pieces and allowed them to air-dry for a couple days; left smaller potatoes whole. Laid down a bed of about 6 inches organic potting soil (compost-rich) in the bottom of each barrel, then placed potato starts sprout-side up (white in one barrel, red in the other), across the surface. Pressed each piece down slightly to ensure contact. Then lightly scattered an additional inch or two of soil over the top to cover the sprouts, and sprinkled with water. I plan to continue adding soil as needed to keep the main stem covered, until the plants nearly reach the top of the barrel -- then I'll let the vines grow, to gather energy for the tubers that will develop underground. I should be able to set the barrels outside in a month or two (before they get too heavy), and I'm looking forward to buckets of potatoes when the vines die back (Julyish?). Wish me luck!


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