Water Caltrop Trapa natans

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The Water Caltrop is a floating annual aquatic plant grown for its large, starchy seeds. There are three species, listed above. Trapa rossica is endangered. Water Caltrop grow in slow-moving water up to 5m deep. They are native to the warm temperate regions of Eurasia and Africa. Their fruits are uniquely shaped, sometimes resembling a bull's head or flying bat. Each fruit has one, large, starchy seed. Stems have two types of leaves: submerged feathery leaves and ovoid or triangular leaves that float on the surface of the water. Water Caltrop was introduced to North America as an ornamental in the 1800s and quickly became an invasive, forming dense floating mats that clogged waterways in the Great Lakes and Hudson River. Water Caltrops are sometimes called Water Chestnuts, but Water Chesnuts (Eleocharis dulcis) are a separate, unrelated aquatic species grown for its roots or corms.

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Scientific names

Trapa natans

Alternate names

water caltrop
water chestnut
buffalo nut
bat nut
devil pod
ling nut

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