Pigeon Pea Cajanus cajan

How to sow pigeon pea: Direct seed outdoors when soil is 20-30° C

Sun requirement for pigeon pea: Plant in Full Sun

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The Pigeon Pea is a fast-growing perennial legume in the Fabaceae (Legume) family native to India. It can be grown as a woody, shrubby perennial for 3-5 years in tropical and semi-tropical regions, or as an annual in cooler regions. Pigeon Peas are grown as food, animal forage, and green manure. Leaves can be used to treat coughs, hemorrhaging, wounds, and diarrhea. They are widely consumed in south Asia, where they are a major source of protein. Pigeon Pea is very drought-tolerant and can grow in poor soils because of it's deep tap root. It prefers a temperature range of 18-30° C. Yellow flowers develop into flat, straight pods 5-9cm long that have 2-9 seeds each. Seeds are 8mm in diameter and green, red, brown, or black. Dwarf varieties are ready for harvest 3-5 months after sowing, taller varieties in 8-12 months. Harvest when 75% of the pods have turned brown. Inoculation is not necessary, but if desired, use a cowpea Rhizobium strain.

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How to grow pigeon peas

Scientific names

Cajanus cajan

Alternate names

gandule bean
tropical green pea
Congo pea
gungo pea
gunga pea
no-eye pea

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