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harakeke Phormium tenax

Harakeke has been planted 2 times by Growstuff members.


harakeke is a perennial crop (living more than two years)


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What people are saying about harakekes

Indigenous plants

I've been growing several indigenous plants recently. Theres a miro tree that will eventually have berries. I've added karaka tawa, and hīnau to the growstuff database too, as these were (and are) food sources for the people living here for centuries. Also kūmara

There is also the New Zealand flax 2hich I've made as a new crop separate from the existing flax crop. I have renamed the flax crop to common flax as its a different plant and that's what it's called on Wikipedia.

I've planted several kawakawa recently mostly for medicinal use. It can make a reasonable tea with lemon grass.

Lastly, I discovered some New Zealand spinach growing wild behind the trampoline. This is going in the curry tonight. 🥘

How to grow harakekes

Grown for: not known.

Plant from: advanced plant (1), root division (1)

Plant in: shade (1), sun (1)

Scientific names

  • Phormium tenax

Alternate names

  • New Zealand flax
  • flax

Harakeke varieties

None known.

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