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How to sow hazelnut: Underground runners, layering, or direct seed indoors

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The Hazelnut is the nut of the Hazel tree and includes any of the nuts produced by the 14-18 species in the Corylus genus. Hazel trees are native to the temperate northern hemisphere. Their natural growth pattern is a shrub, but they can also be pruned into small trees. The trees produce roughly spherical to oval nuts 15-22mm with a fibrous husk covering a smooth shell. The numerous species and cultivars are generally divided into 1) hazels or cobnuts and 2) filberts. Hazels and cobnuts include the American hazelnut (Corylus americana) and European hazelnut (Corylus avellana). The American hazelnut is more cold tolerant than the European and less susceptible to Eastern Filbert Blight, which can have serious impacts on European hazelnuts. The European Hazelnut produces slightly larger nuts that more readily drop from the tree when ripe. Cobnuts are usually sold fresh rather than dried. Filberts (Corylus maxima) look very similar to the common hazelnut, but are sometimes longer and thinner. Hazel trees have male and female blooms and are self-pollinating (via wind) but benefit from being planted in a group with other hazel varieties. Male blooms are long dangling stalks called catkins. The nuts form in clusters called burrs that contain 2-12 nuts. Harvest nuts once the burr begins to turn brown. Trees can be shaken to encourage nuts to drop. Hazels do best in soil that is not too rich - overly rich soil causes the plant to focus on leaf growth rather than flowers and nuts. Hazels are propagated through layering, transplanting underground runners, or by seed. Transplanted trees bear nuts in their 3rd or 4th year. Trees started from seed produce nuts in their 8th year. If planting from seed, scarify and cold stratify.

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