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Amelanchier is native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, growing primarily in early successional habitats. It is most diverse taxonomically in North America, especially in the northeastern United States and adjacent southeastern Canada, and at least one species is native to every U.S. state except Hawaii and to every Canadian province and territory. Two species also occur in Asia, and one in Europe. The taxonomic classification of shadbushes has long perplexed botanists, horticulturalists, and others, as suggested by the range in number of species recognized in the genus, from 6 to 33, in two recent publications.[4][5] A major source of complexity comes from the occurrence of hybridization, polyploidy, and apomixis (asexual seed production), making species difficult to characterize and identify.[6]

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living and reproducing in a single year or less


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Image of Canadian serviceberry

Canadian serviceberry

Amelanchier canadensis
Image of Chinese serviceberry

Chinese serviceberry

Amelanchier sinica
Image of downy serviceberry

downy serviceberry

Amelanchier arborea
Image of inland serviceberry

inland serviceberry

Amelanchier interior
Image of lovely shadbush

lovely shadbush

Amelanchier amabilis
Image of low shadbush

low shadbush

Amelanchier humilis
Image of mountain serviceberry

mountain serviceberry

Amelanchier bartramiana
Image of Nantucket serviceberry

Nantucket serviceberry

Amelanchier nantucketensis
Image of red-twigged shadbush

red-twigged shadbush

Amelanchier sanguinea
Image of saskatoon


Amelanchier alnifolia
Image of smooth shadbush

smooth shadbush

Amelanchier laevis
Image of snowy mespilus

snowy mespilus

Amelanchier ovalis
Image of thicket shadbush

thicket shadbush

Amelanchier spicata
Image of Utah serviceberry

Utah serviceberry

Amelanchier utahensis

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