Asparagus gdn

70 x 3ft raised bed garden running north south along our east 6ft iron neighbour fence so is shaded from early morning sun by the fence trellis erected along fence and about 50% of the garden area asparagus plants established over entire garden , but leaving about 1 ft not planted along the fence, where i grow in alturnate years climbing or trellis supported plants ,eg melons , cucumbers, beans and this year 2017 have just planted tomatoes behind(east) of the asparagus when asparagus ferns grow too tall by mid late march tomato harvest should be complete pashion fruit 3 yrs at south end

6ft trellis on west side and is also overhead for about 8o % of garden length

Garden progress

Roma tomato
super late
Mar 2018

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Owner: rex

Location: PARA HILLS. S.A

Area: 210.0 square feet