Mum and Dad's Fruit Forrest

Chopped down some hedges along the side of my parent's battle-axe driveway to grow a fruit forrest. This will hopefully be a low maintenance, high yielding, companion based garden with rich diversity. I created two small swales in contour with the slope and buried logs from the felled hedge in one of them. the other is open without mulch. I also created a hugulculture with the rest of the logs that runs downhill, the length of the space. There is a lot more room to expand, so this is just the first phase in a long term, gradual project.

Garden progress

super late
Dec 2014

not enough data on alfalfa to predict

not enough data on lupine to predict

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Suggestioned companions

coriander french breakfast radish guava honeysuckle lemongrass mandarin oat orange Persian lime red d'anjou pear strawberry guava tangerine

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Nothing has been planted here.

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Owner: luckyluke

Location: Beecroft, Sydney

Area: 18.0 square metres

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