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Trade, swap, buy, sell!

A few rules:

  • All ads must be related to growing food or sustainability in some way. "Solar panels" is fine (sustainability!) but "Computer repairs" isn't.
  • Be clear about whether the thing you have available free, available for swap, for sale for money, or what. You may also post "Wanted" ads if you're looking for something.
  • If your ad involves physical goods that need to be picked up, you must include the location in the title of your post. Be specific, and be sure to include the state/province if you have one, and always include the country. For instance, "Seattle, WA, USA" not "Seattle".
  • You may not post an ad for the same item/service more often than once a week. If some development occurs, you can edit your earlier post or leave a comment on it.

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Wanted: Nanaimo peach budwood (Canada) 26 Mar
Swap/trade (Australia): want large... 18 May
Wanted (Australia): potimarron seeds 09 Jul