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oakandsage's carrot seeds

Owner: oakandsageview all oakandsage's seeds

Quantity: 1000

Plant before:

Days until maturity: unknown

Organic? non-certified organic

GMO? non-certified GMO-free

Heirloom? unknown

Will trade: locally (from Santa Clarita, CA)


Carrots seeded from Scarlet Nantes but I may have had some other varieties growing in there as well. Carrots have typically been slow to sprout in this climate (dry, hot) so I saved seeds. These seeds sprouted slightly better than the packet and the carrots I harvested were good. I did have one that seeded without forming a significant root. First generation went into the ground this year and if you don't mind having seeds that are a bit older (viability may be decreased) you're welcome to have some. Second generation (from a carrot that waited a reasonable time to flower and developed a good tasty looking root) is currently flowering and will hopefully seed for planting next spring.

Quantity of 1000 just represents "a lot." I have a lot.

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Scientific name: Daucus carota

Median Lifespan 161 days

First harvest expected 73 days after planting

Last harvest expected 164 days after planting

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