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These are just some random ideas after spending an hour on the site:

  • Friends! it would be great if I could friend someone!
  • Friends feed, on the home page (once logged in) having a list of updates from people I'm following.
  • Post comments: replying to a comment is a bit odd, I can only reply to the OP and am taken to a view where the comment I want to reply to is not shown.
  • garden json could list current crops/numbers/comments/image urls: for building awesome garden/crop visualisations in javascript.
  • crops.json would be great with an image URL for visualisations.
  • community gardens, allow me to invite other members to my garden an leave comments/photos.
  • RSS feeds! everywhere!
  • Tweet/FB this links on my crops
  • Garden notes/photos/posts. Let me post pictures of my garden, post updates to my garden (with pics) etc.
  • Enable CORS to allow 3rd party mashups

.. ok I really should pitch in at this point c_c;

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Posted by Skud on March 20, 2013 at 08:02

Thanks! Lots of good ideas here. You might like to look at our tracker where we have already written stories for things we want to implement -- a few of these are covered there.

Definitely happening, and soon: * picture posting (for gardens and plantings) -- via Flickr, at least at first * tweet/FB -- yup, definitely want this soon * following people and seeing a stream of their activity -- yup! * threaded comments -- we've talked about it and intend to do it but I'm not sure if there's a story yet, so I'll add one

As I mentioned on IRC, the API is very rough at present, just the default stuff that Rails gives us for free. That said, I am very interested in hearing what sorts of things you'd like to build with it, and how we can help you with that.

Thanks again for your feedback!