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Search by area?

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Search by area?

I just signed up. It would be good to be able to search by location or climate rather than crop type. I live in Darwin, Australia and most normal crops and crop varieties just will not grow here at all. It's be good if I could search for what people here or in similar climates have had success with.

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Posted by Skud on September 13, 2014 at 14:03

That's our goal! As we gather more data, we're more able to provide this information. We're just getting to the point now where we are starting to have enough to be able to do this sort of thing, so we're actively working on it. The sorts of things we're envisioning are:

  • more visibly showing what people near you are growing
  • customising the display of a given crop page (like zucchini for example) based on your location -- for instance we could show planting times etc based on what people near you are doing
  • helping connect you with people nearby so you can follow their activity and get tips from them

Unfortunately it's a bit of a chicken/egg problem. Aince all our information is based on member activity, we need to have several people in a given area before we can provide them with useful information, but without useful information there's not much incentive for those people to be here!

All the work of improving this website is done by volunteers at present (though we're trying to raise some money to support our developers -- see the banner at the top of each page ;)) so if you're interested in helping improve the site I do encourage you to pop over to Growstuff Talk and start a thread there about what you'd like to see as a tropical gardener. If there are tropical crops we're missing you could either list them on Requests for new crops or join our crop wrangling forum.