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New website features (Release 8)

Cesy is using Growstuff to discuss New website features (Release 8) with a community of food gardeners worldwide. We have advice on growing hundreds of different crops, and a community from all around the world. Sign in or sign up to or to start using Growstuff to track what you're planting and harvesting.

New website features (Release 8)

We've just pushed a load of new features and bugfixes to the site, thanks to @pozorvlak for kicking it off and @maco for supporting, as well as all our coders and testers.

New Features

  • New crop request form! This makes the approval process easier on the crop wranglers.
  • Search now checks alternate names (such as coriander and cilantro) and scientific names (not yet available - see below)
  • Seeds have organic, GMO, and heirloom options, along with and how many days until maturity
  • You can now attach photos to your garden
  • On the member page, members can be sorted by name or by how recently they joined
  • When logged out, visitors will see a note at the top of post pages, so first-time visitors can see what Growstuff is all about
  • Wranglers now see a "wrangle crops" button on the crop listing page

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer claim to have fewer than 0 seeds.
  • The page footer height has been tweaked.
  • You can no longer follow yourself.
  • Crop wranglers will no longer see an error page if they leave out the Wikipedia link when adding a new crop.
  • Some formatting bugs with the homepage and browse crops have been fixed.
  • Sometimes users would see an error page when they tried to follow other users: this should no longer happen.
  • Users should no longer receive an error when trying to download harvest data.
  • Harvest photos should now provide a link back to their harvest after attaching the photo.

Technical Improvements

  • Static content like the page footer is now stored in a CMS, for easier maintenance.
  • We're now storing all harvest weights as kilograms in addition to whatever unit you put in, with conversion handled by ruby-units. This will let us give harvest totals more easily in the future.
  • Users can now search by alternate names, scientific names, and partial names, with the matching handled by ElasticSearch (not yet available - see below)
  • Travis CI now pushes successful builds on the dev branch to the staging site on Heroku, so merging a pull request to dev automatically deploys it to staging.
  • Lots more features are now covered by automated tests.

Sadly, it looks like the search features will have to wait a while until we can work out how to install ElasticSearch in our production environment, but we've written the search code in such a way that it can be turned on later with a configuration switch.