Posted by mappings in Growstuff Feedback & Support on July 06, 2013 at 22:39


I emailed a link to Growstuff to a friend of mine. He commented that he couldn't find a link to the page to request a new crop, and since the fixed list doesn't include several things he grows, he gave up. I sent him a link to the Request New Crops page, but maybe the link could be featured more prominently so that people trying to add a new crop will find it.

Then, he commented that he didn't see a way to comment on the "request new crops" post. I suggested maybe it was because he wasn't logged in, and indeed, he wasn't. So in addition, maybe it could be made clearer that you need to log in to post a comment -- not seeing any "comment" boxes/buttons is confusing. Also, it sounds like the site is perhaps not remembering logins for very long? (He said he was logged out automatically while still browsing.)

Just thought I'd pass along the feedback :-)