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Growstuff relies on your support to build and run this open source platform for food growers. We do not have outside investment, and do not accept ads. Instead, we offer paid memberships, which give you access to premium features, and ensure that we focus our efforts on keeping you, our members, happy.

We are currently developing a number of advanced features for paid members. We will announce our progress on these in our Feedback and Support forum as well as via other channels.

All our accounts are priced on a sliding scale. You can choose how much you want to pay. Remember, your subscription supports an open source, open data platform supporting home food growers and promoting sustainable food systems!

Seed account

A seed account helps Growstuff grow in its early days. It gives you all the features of a paid account, in perpetuity. This account type never expires. BONUS: pay $300 or more, and we will set aside a second permanent paid account for a community garden or similar non-profit group related to growing food.

Pay what you want, starting at 150.00 AUD (convert). Recommended price: 200.00 AUD (convert).

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Annual subscription

An annual subscription gives you access to paid account features for one year. Does not auto-renew.

Pay what you want, starting at 10.00 AUD (convert). Recommended price: 37.00 AUD (convert).

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