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almond Prunus dulcis

Almond has been planted 4 times by Growstuff members.


almond is a perennial crop (living more than two years)


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Planting outdoors & fruit trees

Today I transplanted the cabbage and onion seedlings outside and planted seeds for: arugula, garlic (well, cloves, not seeds--forced in the fridge), mesclun salad mix, kale, cauliflower, and beets. Some of these (cauliflower, beets, mesclun) will have later succession plantings.


You can just slightly see the cabbage seedlings at the far end of the left bed and the onions in the middle of the edge of the far right bed.

Also, I checked on the fruit trees. The apple trees are starting to wake up! They have little green shoots starting at their bud points.


The cherry are getting ready to blossom. Well, the ornamental already has, but the fruiting cherries haven't yet.


We were really worried that the peach tree might not have survived the winter due to a rabbit gnawing on it, but I did a little scratch test toward the top of the trunk, and it's green in there! (That means it's still alive) Since peach and almond (and plum? not sure) have a warmer range than apples do, I'm not concerned that they're not putting out new shoots yet.

How to grow almonds

Grown for: not known.

Plant from: advanced plant (1), bare root plant (1), seed (1), (1)

Plant in: sun (3), semi-shade (1)

Scientific names

  • Prunus dulcis

Alternate names

None known.

Almond varieties

None known.

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